Rahu is among the scariest planets in astrology. There are specific remedies in Vedic astrology to eradicate all the negativity caused by this malefic (evil) planet. Besides being a scary planet, Rahu is also the most mysterious planet of all, says an online astrologer.

Like Ketu, Rahu doesn’t have a physical appearance, but both are believed to be “revered” planets. Rahu is the ruler of 3 nakshatras: Swati, Satabhisha, and Aries. It is also a signification of paternal grandfather and to indicates growth and misapprehensions.

This malefic planet can prompt anyone to leave their parent’s house despite being an external element. Rahu also makes a person susceptible to excessive growth and sometimes misapprehensions.

Rahu is the reason for the Grahan of the Sun (Solar Eclipse), and it even brings many malefic outcomes throughout its Dasha or transit. If somebody is under the impact of this malefic planet doesn’t take much interest in spirituality and religious activities. Let us first dive into the effects of Rahu on a person’s life.

How Does Rahu’s Placement in Horoscopes Impacts a Person’s Life?

Rahu is the lord of dread, obsession, materialism, confusion, and displeasure. According to an astrology app, it is the lord of all the unpleasant aspects of a person’s life. Rahu throws its shadow on one zodiac sign for a torturous 18 months before passing on to the other. So, the repercussions of an unfavourable Rahu placement on a native last around 18 months.

The planet Rahu can negatively influence every native due to the unfavourable placement. A native may not be wary of the placement of Rahu until an expert astrologer reads their birth chart. But, one can also learn about the poorly positioned Rahu in the natal chart with some common symptoms. Here is a list of the common symptoms of having a negative Rahu in the natal chart:

  • Sudden losses
  • Never-ending desires
  • Delay in everything
  • Confused mind
  • Health problems
  • Relocation away from home
  • Monetary losses
  • Needless expenses
  • Unhappy family life

Adhere to the best remedies to eliminate all the negativity caused by a poorly placed Rahu in the natal chart.

Tips to Stop the Negative Impacts of Rahu

  • Each morning, sprinkle fresh water on your home’s main entrance door.
  • Try feeding the dogs as much as you can. Donating food in the dog kitchen or paying a visit to a dog hospital and feeding them can also be favourable.
  • Always keep yourself groomed, and you must cut your nails from time to time. Keep your hands and feet clean all the time.
  • If you have any electronic item that needs to be fixed or is futile, throw it away.
  • It would be favourable to add some milk daily to your bathing water.
  • Avoid following trends such as eating, lifestyle, or dressing blindly.
  • Stick to only veggies as far as you can.
  • Be vigilant when relocating to a foreign nation for any purpose, whether job, business, or study.

Mantras to Pacify a Negative Rahu

Here are a few mantras that you should chant to keep the Rahu in your horoscope pleased:

  • Chant the Vedic mantra of Rahu, which Om Dhum Raam Rahave Namah, is at least 108 times daily.
  • Chant the Rahu Beej mantra, Aum Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah.
  • Chant other Rahu mantras, such as Aum Ram Rahave Namah.

 Other Remedies

  • Wear goggles with black lenses and keep a black pebble inside your pocket.
  • Avoid taking anything for free from anybody. Give that person something in exchange if you do so.
  • Never beat the street dogs. Instead, give them some chapati and milk.

Rahu Can Also Be Positive Sometimes

Rahu can bring positivity if it is placed in a promising position. Here are a few indications of having an auspicious placement of Rahu in the natal chart:

The natives with a favourable Rahu placement in their natal chart can make impactful leaders. They might go into politics or stand for elections.

There are odds of getting an abundance of opportunities overseas. The natives get a chance to travel to the fullest worldwide.

The presence of Rahu in a fortunate position can get natives plenty of recognition, as well. In many instances, the natives engage in specific fields, such as films which can entice good money and recognition.

Since Rahu is the planet of materialism, when it is in a good position, it attracts all the materialistic things of the world.

What Gemstone Should We Put on for Rahu?

The earth is full of natural minerals, which have mysterious powers, spiritual denotations, and healing powers. The term used for them is gemstones or birthstones. They are invaluable and have been in existence for ages.

Each planetary body combines with a particular gemstone that aids in harmonizing the influence of that planet on our lives. For Rahu, one must go for a Hessonite gemstone fitted in a silver ring. Wear it on Wednesday on your middle finger during any Rahu nakshatra.

Summing Up

Remember all the remedies mentioned above to please the Rahu planet. You will feel easy and calm and get the desired success. Find out more about Rahu with the best astrology app.