www.rojgar.uk.gov.in Uttarakhand Berojgari Bhatta Apply and Application Form with Process: The CM of Uttarakhand has initiated the allowance for the unemployed / Berojgari Bhatta as their major poll promise forgiven to the youths of the state. The govt also increase the monthly pension of the protestors of state Rs. 5000 and also gives respect for the dead or missing persons during the movement to make a different state. Along with the govt has announced to include the content related to the movement at all state schools curriculum. An event held at the state secretariat the CM gives the unemployment allowance to about 100 peoples. They also said that this is a big-time for us and we are fulfilling the services for youths and state citizens which we promised at the time of the election. In the 12th annual function of state foundation, the Bahuguna govt has started to provide the allowance services for all educated unemployed youths. Under the co-skills development allowance scheme, the govt will provides monthly allowance of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 to the unemployed youths of age 25 years to 35 years. About 25000 acres of land in Sitarganj Sidcul phase two has granted where would invest Rs. 10000 crores to Rs. 5000 crores. It would generate employment opportunities for the youth in state and they can get the jobs here soon.The intermediate qualification having candidates can get the unemployed co skill development allowance. The Berojgari Bhatta Uttarakhand shall be paid for two years only for a candidate. The scheme has started from the 9th of Nov 2012 and the complete estimated is about the 100 crores on this. In addition the state govt is promoting the production of the fruit through the Uttarakhand industrial marketing council. All of the cabinet committees have been constituted on the policy for slum dwellers to be given ownership of their houses. However, due to the legislative assembly period briefing session has not been cleared. After the Uttar Pradesh state, the educated Berojgar / unemployed youth will be allowed to get the co-skills development Berojgari Bhatta.

Youths of state who are having permanent residents in the state and having a 12th class pass certificate can get the benefits of this. Also, the govt has decided to provide this facility to only those kinds of citizens who had made their registration before the 9th Nov 2012 and had done four years complete for their registration. Also in eligibility, the applicants who want to get the Bhatta must have to show their income certificate below of 20 thousand annually. Each unemployed of state will get the allowance only for two years.

  • 1 Work Process of Uttarakhand Berojgari Bhatta
  • 2 Eligibility to Apply for Berojgari Bhatta Uttarakhand​
    • 2.1 How to Apply for Unemployment Allowance in Uttarakhand​
    • 2.2 Registration and application for Berojgar Bhatta
      • 2.2.1 Important Notes​

Work Process of Uttarakhand Berojgari Bhatta

In the duration of getting Bhatta from the state govt, the unemployed candidates can also get the training for their skills development. The latter skill development with the mission of the Center is planned to be added. Only under the age of 25 to 35 years candidates can get the benefits of this. Citizens can get Rs. 500 after passing their inter-class, Rs. 750 after their graduation passing and the candidates who had passed post-graduation can get Rs. 1000 per month as the Bhatta. For the promotion of Fruits production and off-season vegetable production, an industrial marketing council has been established. The council will work to coordinate for out between buyers and tenant farmers, gardeners, and food processing units. Especially to promote the production of mountain areas crops and the farmers can get remunerative prices for their fruits and crops in the state.

On the lines of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, the Uttarakhand state unemployed shall be paid with the Uttarakhand Berojgari Bhatta. For the two years that this allowance is kept to the minimum educational qualification XII. After studying the manual of unemployment allowance policy in Haryana and UP the state govt had made this. Also, these applicants are able to apply for any kind of state govt job without paying for application fees.

The department will connect to the registered youth in an employment office for more than five years in case of not getting a job in any of the government or private sectors with the prime minister self-employment scheme also the state is going to give a million interest-free loan through the small entrepreneurship finance development corporation. Girls and science class students were given more than fifty percent of the above amount. It is believed that as like UP now the rush can also be seen in the Uttarakhand employment office to get the Bhatta.

Eligibility to Apply for Berojgari Bhatta Uttarakhand​

@=> Minimum age is required 25 years and the maximum 35 years. Application of applicants less or above then this age will be rejected by the department.

@=> Need to give the income certificate for family and the family income does not exceed 12500 rupees annually.

@=> Applicants who are registered in the employment office from four years only can get the Berojgari Bhatta.

@=> Rs. 500 for inter pass, Rs. 750 for graduation pass and Rs. 1000 for post-graduation pass will be granted.

@=> Only one person in the family will get an unemployment allowance in Uttarakhand for two years.

@=> Applicants can get the registration and application form for jobs and Bhatta register free of cost from office.

How to Apply for Unemployment Allowance in Uttarakhand

Registered married women need to attach their income certificates of father-in-law and mother-in-law along with the divorced women or normal unemployed men have to use their parents’ income certificate (if their annual income is less than Rs. 1.5 lakhs). Then they will be entitled to allowances. After the two years, it will close automatically. If the married woman and her son both are unemployed in this case only one person will get the Berojgari Bhatta.

In the process to get the registration for this first applicant have to make their registration in the directorate of training and employment govt of Uttarakhand as per the following given step by step process which is available through the official website of http://rojgar.uk.gov.in/.

Registration in Rojgar UK Official Website for Employment
D=> Visit to the official website http://www.rojgar.uk.gov.in/ and select the option for online registration

D=> This will redirect you on the section where you need to select the option of New Job Seeker.

D=> Now you can check the page

D=> On this page select first the state name, district name, and then the exchange office name.

D=> In next enter the security code as per the mention on the photo on the website page.

D=> Now fill the complete application form and after filling the security code select the user name and password.

After filling the complete application form you have to submit it. Applicants have to note that they also have to attach their passport size photo and the copy of their domicile document in attested mode. You also have to attach other documents like the passport copy, driving license copy, and have to write the number for these as well as. Candidates must be having the complete address proof which they are going to fill on the remigration form along with their age proof which shows their age under the 25 to 30 years old. Applicants are also suggested to fill all the application forms with the right information and give your contact information of current like mail id, phone number, and home number, etc. don’t let the empty of any section. In the last, the process will end and after the approval from the DTE, you get the user id and password. You can also make the changes from time to time on it as your qualification, age, or contact information.

Registration and application for Berojgar Bhatta 

D=> Click to the below-given link to download the unemployment application form of Uttarakhand. If the pdf is not available then go to the http://www.rojgar.uk.gov.in/upload/doc/Document-3.pdf page instant download now.

D=> Now go to the last section of the application form and take the printout of it.

D=> Fill the complete application form with all of your information along with the annual income and family member’s details.

After filling the application form attach all the documents like for age, qualification, address proof, etc. after that visit to the nearest employment office and submit it. You also have to give the information of your bank account and have to attach a copy of your bank passbook on which you can receive the payment through the state govt. The office dept will provide you an acknowledgment slip that you can use in future assistance. You can get the unemployment allowance for only two years and after that, it will close. In the duration of unemployed, the candidates will also receive various kinds of training and job skill development programs on which each candidate has to take the part.

Important Notes​

Through the following process above the citizens can apply for their allowance and self-employment. Candidates are suggested to read the below mention important guidelines and instructions before they going to apply for the Berojgari Bhatta in Uttarakhand.

i. http://www.rojgar.uk.gov.in is the only official website to download the application form and for making the registration in employment exchange of Uttarakhand.

ii. Do not pay any kind of money for making your registration and do not submit your personal documents to other person for the application form filling process.

iii. website page is the only way to make the registration for new job seekers where you can get job notifications from time to time and all updates.

iv. You must have to update your profile online after any changes in your qualification, address, or any other. Please also update your bank information on this time to time.

v. There is no system to pay by cash the allowance so beware about this. Also, avoid the work processes of brokers they can use your personal information in the wrong way.