Tamil Nadu- Inter Caste Marriage Incentive: However, in the Indian culture and Hindu society it is not allowed to marry the other caste and community person. The various societies think that it is not a good thing but in this changing time, the educated peoples are coming out of this old thinks and taking steps to make equal to all humans. However, we can see most of the cases to stopping the inter-caste marriage in rural areas for fake honor.


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About Inter Caste Marriage Benefits in Tamilnadu

TN Inter Caste marriage Incentive: According to the research by Princeton University (United State of America) we got some great facts about the inter-caste marriage in our country. As of the report, there is only 11 percent of couples were found under the intercaste marriage in-country, and day by day it is increasing with the educated peoples along with this 2.1 percent people were described as the inter-religion marriage.

As on the order by the government of state Tamil Nadu in 1986, the couples who got married under the inter-caste will be given the government jobs in the state (Inter caste marriage Employment Benefits). If any couple got married in which one spouse belongs from the scheduled caste / scheduled tribe (sc / st) category and one of them belongs from the non-scheduled caste / non-scheduled tribe (non-sc / non-st) means from the general category are entitled with the govt job service. So they need to register in their employment exchange and after that, they will get a priority to get a govt job in Tamilnadu Under Government scheme for Job benefit Inter-caste marriage.

To obtain this service the couples will have to make their registration in the Tamil Employment Exchange within the two years duration of inter-caste marriage. In the employment exchange applicants have to submit their all documents alike caste certificate which must have been taken through the tahsildar and had to attach their marriage registration certificate after getting it through the marriage registrar or sub-registrar.

Along with this, the Tamil Nadu state government provides the incentive scheme (Antar jatiya vivah yojna) to the inter-caste married couples. All facilities have been given through the Welfare Department of Tamilnadu state. The district social welfare officer of Coimbatore Mr. Sherine Philip said that from the last fifteen years I had arranged more than one thousand inter-caste marriage in the district and in the last six months there is more then a hundred marriage had been registered under the inter-caste.

Tamilnadu Inter caste marriage financial assistance: The welfare department provides financial assistance to these couples after submitting their application form along with the required documents. The scheme had made to promote these types of marriages however in the Tamilnadu state most of the couples didn’t get this because of the lack of awareness.

The couples of inter-caste marriage in the Tamil Nadu state have given the financial assistance of fifteen thousand rupees and in case one spouse belongs to the Dalit community has given ten thousand rupees which the couples can get in the saving account of the post office. In case the husband/wife is graduated had been given thirty thousand rupees as the cash payment and twenty thousand rupees in the post office saving account.

In case one spouse belongs to the backward community/caste and other from the forward caste/community can get ten thousand rupees as the cash payment and five thousand rupees through the post office saving account.