Are you tired of spending countless hours manually testing your fabric’ samples of shrinkage rate? Accounting software fabric shrinkage rate manually results in labor costing and inaccurate data.  It’s time to streamline your testing process with SmartShrink Rate Tester. This powerful and high-tech testing equipment is designed to help you optimize your testing procedures. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into how SmartShrink Rate Tester textile testing industry. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and discover how this innovative tool can revolutionize the way you test and improve your fabric shrinkage testing.

What is SmartShrink Rate Tester?
SmartShrink Rate Tester is a cutting-edge tool that used to test the shrinkage rate of various textiles.

SmartShrink Rate Tester can automatically calculate the shrinkage rate of fabrics,  and output the shrinkage data in 5 seconds. It significantly reduces the deviation of data compared with manual calculation, and shortens the order preparation cycle, greatly improves efficiency for textile enterprises.

The SmartShrink Rate Tester is applicable to the standards such as ISO 3759, ISO5077, etc. This shrinkage testing machine combines the self-developed vision algorithm and IoT technology of ChiuVention,  fast and efficient for fabric shrinkage calculation and contributes to sharing and management of shrinkage data.

How Does SmartShrink Rate Tester Work?

Let’s dive into the testing process details of this powerful tool.

  1. Scan the code of the fabric sample to identify the sample information;
  2. Place the sample flat on the platform of SmartShrink Rate Tester, and the camera above automatically collects the dimensions between the borderline marked positions on warp and weft directions of the fabric;
  3. The shrinkage rate is calculated automatically in real-time by the computer software connected to the SmartShrink.

Key Features of SmartShrink Rate Tester

Choosing SmartShrink, the normal fabric factory can save 800 minutes,or 2 laborers per day, based on the need of testing 200 samples and printing 200 test records per day.

Counting a salary of $ 9000 per person in USA & European Countries, 1 set of SmartShrink can save $200,000 for the fabric factory per year.

Speed up the preparation of orders: SmartShrink can complete a large number of shrinkage calculations every day,  thus the textile enterprises can make faster decisions and speed up the preparation of orders.

More reliable test results: Visual inspection algorithm, more accurate, especially in large batch testing, can effectively avoid manual deviation, which is meaningful for getting more reliable test results.

Output multiple data at one time, reflecting the quality of fabric more comprehensively and objectively: Multiple shrinkage related indexes (such as warp and weft shrinkage, seam twist, vertical twist, diagonal twist, etc.) can be output at one time, useful to evaluate the quality of the fabric.

In summary, using Smartshink Rate Tester offers numerous benefits including increased efficiency, accurate performance measurements, cost savings، improved user experience, and reliable results.


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