SSO Rajasthan Emitra CSC Registration/Login  Via SSDG Portal: The National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) comes under the Rajasthan state portal and SSDG Project has the main objective to provide the services easily and convenient way through the Common Service Center (CSC) to state citizens and for the implementation of main components, electronic forms (e-Forms), SSDG applications and computing infrastructure.


  • 1 SSDG Rajasthan portal
    • 1.1 Application and electronic form including the State Portal
    • 1.2 State portal through the necessary basic utilities:
      • 1.2.1 Agriculture category:
      • 1.2.2 Horticulture Category:
      • 1.2.3 Social Justice and Empowerment Category:
      • 1.2.4 Jaipur Collectorate Department:
      • 1.2.5 Rural Development Section:
      • 1.2.6 How to Register in SSDG Portal SSO Rajasthan Website for e-Governance Services of Rajasthan State​

SSDG Rajasthan portal

The basic components of the project are as follows:

  • Application and electronic form including the State Portal
  • Providing the State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) facility
  • Destination offices including gaps in contact E – Form, State Portal and SSDG Infrastructure and Computing Infrastructure
  • SSDG State Portal and E – Form Application for Training in Rajasthan state
  • The facility of STQC Compliance / Certification for the citizens of Rajasthan

Application and electronic form including the State Portal

Common Service Centre (CSC) for the end-user, with all major state portals at the State level e-governance initiatives and services, will act as a direct end interface. State SSDG project portal and data center infrastructure will be held in the state located in Jaipur.

State portal through the necessary basic utilities:

ð Information Dissemination = The portal government departments, ministries, and departments will provide information about these web links. The structure of government in the state, available services, key information, etc. will provide information about the business and civic community.

ð Multilingual portal will be available mainly in Hindi and English.

ð Anytime, Anywhere Availability: Portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world and is accessible through Bhujal, both technology, and functional support should be available on 24×7 basis.

ð Accessibility: Install Portal variety of vessels, such as personal desktop/laptop, Common Service Centre (CSC), government service counters distribution (kiosks), will be accessible through mobile phones, etc.

ð The State as well as Central Government Departments and Metadata repository for information exchange service will ensure the well.

ð The state portal for delivering government services accessible to the citizens of the State concerned will host all the electronic forms and Civil and Common Service Centers (CSCs) outlets, including the Internet services through their application forms electronically (online and offline both), will be able to fill out and submit. Any citizen of her application/request status will be able to learn.

ð Portal development is a key step in the destination office, MIS, printing, accounting, payment handling, etc. By tracking the position and to provide an electronic receipt is to develop a complete application.

Agriculture category:
  • Counseling services for farmers and agricultural applications frequently asked questions.
  • Diggi, sprinklers, farm pond, rigs, and pipelines for the application
  • Agricultural equipment costs from more than Rs. 10000
  • Seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides applied to the input license
  • Girl Education Scholarship Application
  • Crop / weather insurance application
Horticulture Category:
  • Leakage under Minor Irrigation / Sprinkler irrigation application
  • NHM / RKVY application for the establishment of new fruit orchards
  • NHM / RKVY application for the installation of new water resources
  • Under NHM greenhouse / shade nets application for installation
  • NHM / RKVY the nursery / cold storage / pack house / basic structure of seeds / Vegetable Seeds / production activities and other project-based application
  • Under the National Mission on Medicinal Plants application for the cultivation of medicinal plants
  • Organic fertilizer / agricultural unit for vermi adoption
Social Justice and Empowerment Category:
  • SC for Planning Applications
  • Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes Post Matric Scholarship Application
  • Application for follow-up plan
  • Page nurse planning application for the elixir of life
  • Support for Planning Applications
  • Assistance in applying for widow’s daughter’s wedding
  • Cruelty to apply for financial assistance for victims
  • Handicap / disability certificate application
Jaipur Collectorate Department:
  • Applications for new ration cards
  • Duplicate ration card applications
  • Residential Application for Certificate
  • Residential Application for Certificate
  • SC / ST certificate application
  • Application for pension for old age
  • Widow’s pension application
  • Application for conversion of agricultural land
  • Application to CM Relief Fund
  • As the application for voter registration
Rural Development Section:
  • Application for registration under NREGA
  • Application for allotment of work under NREGA
  • Application for Indira Awas Yojana

Apart from these services the website of Rajasthan SSDG provides the revenue department, Public Health Department, Social Justice, and Empowerment Dept, Power Dept, Transport Dept, Utility Bill Payment, etc. Here we are giving you information that how can you get all the services through one website.

How to Register in SSDG Portal SSO Rajasthan Website for e-Governance Services of Rajasthan State

The official website of SSDG provides the online registration facility for the users who want to obtain any kind of service of e-governance in the state Rajasthan. The citizens can log in with using their username and password after which they can submit a request for any document or certificate. See the below-given process to make registration on the official website and submit your application form online.

$> STEP I<$
The official website of website gives the facility to make a registration for which they will have to go on the portal and have to select the home page option of Register Citizen through which the application form will appear in next page. Click to the below-given link or the page to reach on the official website and make registration now.