AHA Bhulekh (i.e. Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) – a land record website of Maharashtra state (India) that provides 7/12 extract and 8A extract online to citizens.


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Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh MAHA Bhulekh

The system of land administration was started a long time ago at the time of kings. The complete kingdom works through the collection of tax payment ways through the land administration. The system to keep the land and revenue department was started by the king Shivaji. It got famous in the time of British rule which was known as the Bombay Province. Right now Ryotwari Land Revenue System (RLRS) is implanted in Maharashtra state through which the department is doing the preparation along with maintains works of all types of online land records.

Maharashtra 7/12 and 8A extract Online Land Records

[@] The land administration department works for all types of collection related to the all lands revenue along with the local cases through the help of local body of government. The dept is also responsible for all collection of fees paid by the court and it provides the loan against property with the recovery system.

[@] The land revenue department of Maharashtra also has the responsibility for maintaining all land records online and through offline mode with the help of revenue accounts. Citizens are able to check and access on their property information under the right of records (ROR) act.

[@] The department works under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 which has been implemented under the Mamlatdar Courts Act in which the dept has given the statutory powers. It also works under the act of land acquisition act 1894.

[@] The department has four parts and these all works in separate mode. See the all sections of Revenue Administration of Maharashtra state sections list below:-

  • Treasury Department
  • Department of Registration of Land Alienations
  • Section of Revenue Recovery
  • Section for the measurement of land

The section of measurement of land which is also has name as the survey wing / survey section / survey department is responsible for the measuring all kinds of property and lands in state. Under the department settlement of property, marking of agricultural land, boundaries fix, village / city / towns borders data has been given. In dept the divisional commissioner, sub divisional officer, naib tahsildar & tahsildar, talathis which is also known as patwari and circle inspectors are working.

Maharashtra & 7/12 8A Extract 

(आपला सात बारा आपणच चेक करा महाराष्ट्र राज्यातील ७/१२ पहाण्यासाठी): The section of online land records works for maintaining the all land data through which the citizens can check time to time their property information. The section of land records works under the Director of Land Records and Settlement Commissioner Maharashtra Pune. In the taluka level District Inspector is the authorized person. Online records are given via the https://bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in/ portal which has been made by the NIC (national informatics center) of under IT Dept govt of India which gives the easy way to get the complete information. To check your 7-12 online land records you need to follow some given below steps on the official portal.

@=Step 1:-
Visit to the official website of https://bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in/ and click to the first option of Get the Maharashtra 7/12 Online Land Records (महाराष्ट्र राज्यातील 7/12 पहाण्यासाठी जिल्हा निवडा). The option will provide you map in the display as the below given image on mahabhulekh portal where you have to select the district name. For example you want to check the land record for Pune then click on it.

Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh

@=Step 2:-
The page will redirect you in http://pune.gov.in/webrcis/aspx/saatbara.aspx section. This section has been made for Pune only same like this all district sections are given on the portal. Here on the page you have to select the following details as the mentioned below also check the demo page like you will see in next section:

  • District name in first section
  • Select taluka name in given list
  • Select option to check land records (by name / by survey number)
  • Enter the land owner name or survey number
  • Select the survey number
  • In last click to option of Show 7/12   
MAHA Bhulekh maharashta 7/12

@=Step 3:-
After all the above mentioned process you also can click to the print option on Maha Bhulekh page by near of show 7-12. Through all these you can get complete information about the property and land. Same like this process you are able to check the land records for all districts. Also if you want to get the maalmatta patrak follow the same process.

IMPORTANT NOTE  Regarding Satbara maharashtra

{@} If you need more help contact to department Office of Settlement Commissioner and Director of Land Records 3rd Floor, New Administrative Building, Opposite to Council Hall, Pune. You also can contact through phone in 26050006 after using std code 020 or send your mail in [email protected].

{@} Online 7/12 land record of Maharashtra not provide the official copy of record. Citizens can use the online copy only for personal use. If you are not able to find the details for your location / area then contact to the department person.

Note- We have Updated all the information of Land & Revenue Dept Maharashtra. If you have any query related to the above article then feel free to comment down below. We will assist you shortly.