PRAN Kit Not Received how to check PRAN Status

check PRAN status
check PRAN status Pran Card Subscriber Registration and Kit Dispatch Status Tracking System: The pran (Permanent Retirement Account Number) card looks like the pan (Permanent Account Number) card which can be used as the id proof in the across the country. This card contains your Permanent Retirement Account Number through which every year the government gives the pension every month to the cardholder person till the death. Nowadays house to house every person needs it because most of the people are not getting any type of pension scheme benefits by the government or not having any providing fund account.

Benefits of PRAN Card [PRAN Status]

1: For example if any 18 years old person got this card and deposits annual Rs. 1000 (one thousand rupees per year) in the pran card account, the government of India will also contribute with Rs. 1000 (one thousand rupees) annual in the same account, so in the end of the year the person will get total Rs. 2000 (two thousand rupees) in his account. Now in this amount the person can get 12% interest rate per year which means you got Rs. 2240 (two thousand two hundred forty rupees) after depositing Rs. 1000 (one thousand rupees). So every year he can receive compound interest on his account. Now the same person who started the pran card account in the 18 years old age reached the age of 60 years and till this duration, he submits Rs. 43000 in his account of pran card in that case the government will have his Rs. 2421625 (twenty-four lakh twenty-one thousand six hundred twenty five rupees). Now according to this calculation till his death, the person can get Rs. 16500 (sixteen thousand five hundred rupees) per month pension.

2: Now for example according to the second calculation if the person deposits annual Rs. 12000 (twelve thousand rupees per year) which means monthly Rs. 1000 (one thousand rupees per month), so he will have Rs. 15740562 (one crore fifty seven lakh forty thousand five hundred sixty two rupees) on his account and he can have his full amount with complete interest at that time and after the death his family can receive this amount.

Important Points to Be Noted regarding PRAN

Ø This scheme is only provided to those citizens of India who are not having any provident fund account which means they are not having PF and they are not deducting their salary for its contribution.

Ø Under this scheme only the citizens having the age from 18 years old to 55 years old can get the benefits and can submit their request to open their pran account.

Ø If any person wants to use this scheme of pran card and want to receive the grant through the government in that case he / she must have to deposit Rs. 1000 (one thousand rupees) to Rs. 12000 (twelve thousand rupees) on his account.

[PRAN Status] How to Check Pran Card Kit Status Online

The official website of has given the online software to track the application status online for the citizens. After submitting the registration or dispatching the pran kit at your home you can track the status time to time. Here I am providing you link below to track down your request of pran card kit:

PRAN KIT status
PRAN Kit Not Received how to check PRAN Status

In the above-given link page you have to use the PRAN card application acknowledgment number along with the registration number of PAO / POP – SP / CBO or DTO. By providing both numbers you can track the request of submitted application form in the department for providing you new pran card, pran account and pran kit.

Tracking the Pran Card Kit Dispatch
Tracking the Pran Card Kit Dispatch

In the above given link you have to use your PRAN number and PPAN card number. Here the other options are also given for checking the status of dispatch for new registration of pran card, the re-issuance procedure of pran card or re-issuance of I PIN / T  PIN.

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