Right now in the state Uttarakhand has a total of 13 District treasuries available along with the 05 upgraded sub treasuries 02 offices for pay and accounts and 66 sub treasuries along with the 02 nodal points for nonpostal stamps. All the office treasuries are connected with the hi-technology and had joint with the e-Kosh online. The department works daily to update their data through the state data center of Dehradun.


  • 1 Government Employee Pension status Uttarakhand
  • 2 E-Kosh Uttarakhand
    • 2.1 E-Kosh Pension Ac Status and Statement​
    • 2.2 How to register Mobile Number for Pension Account​
      • 2.2.1 How to Submit complaint / Suggestion for Pension or GPF Account in Uttarakhand​
      • 2.2.2 Important Notice Board​

Government Employee Pension status Uttarakhand

@= The CTS e-Kosh Uttarakhand is working to the monitoring of treasury works in Uttarakhand state.

@= If the finance dept places an order for the CTS department it takes the special audit for other farms as well.

@= The department also works to monitor and handle those accounts sent to the accountant general by the treasury.

Apart from these the department also works to procurement and provides the govt cheques and nonpostal stamps in state. The department also provides pension relates services in Uttarakhand for nodal agencies along with the audit compliance to nodal and also works for the provide the advice to the finance and treasury operation to dept.

E-Kosh Uttarakhand 

The department works under the principal secretary finance which has three body registrar firm societies and chits, director treasury and director accounts, and entitlement.

Pension subscribers of Uttarakhand state are able to get the information for new schemes in http://www.ekosh.uk.gov.in/pages/display/131-new-pension-scheme page section. Here we are going to let you know that how can you check your pension fund through using the e-Kosh official website.

E-Kosh Pension Ac Status and Statement

After retirement, each employee can get his pension account. This account is the online ac where the employee can receive his monthly pension. While the time of retirement the employees can also make the there 40% pension in commutation. In this service, the employee can get advance from his pension account and can pay this as the monthly dedication. See the mention below process to login into your pension account of Uttarakhand through the CTS portal of e-Kosh.

#= First go to the official website of Directorate of Treasury and Finance Services Core Treasury System CTS http://www.ekosh.uk.gov.in/

#= Now you need to select the option of Login to CTS.

#= After selecting the login option you can get the page https://cts.uk.gov.in/

#= On the page, you will get the option of login.

#= Enter your GRD Number as the Login ID and the Password.

#= In case you don’t know your password you can use the default password is admin1234.

#= If you had forgotten your old pass you can also use the unlock service by the CTS UK through the page https://cts.uk.gov.in/userunlock.aspx

#= You need to enter your GRD No (User ID) and then need to enter your registered number.

#= In last enter the security pass and click to unlock the account.

#= If you had forgotten your pass you can also use the option of Forget Password

#= You can get the page https://cts.uk.gov.in/random.aspx.

#= On the page enter your user id and register mobile number along with the security pin and submit it.

#= After this, you can get the new default pass on your phone via SMS.

#= After entering on the pension page you can check four options as per the following:

  • User Profile
  • Pension Report
  • FAQ
  • Forms

#= To check the balance of your pension account and to get the statement you have to select the option of Pension Report.

#= After clicking on the option of pension report here you can get three as per mention below:

  • Monthly Pension Statement
  • Annual Pension Statement
  • Tax Calculator

#= If you want to get the statement of month-wise then select the first one or if you want to get the report for a year then select the second where you have to select the time period and get the statement.

#= This page also provides the tax calculator option which where you can calculate your all tax on your pension amount for the financial year.

#= The online CTS e-Kosh page of pension also provides the life certificate and form for it.

#= Each retired citizen will have to submit the life certificate in each November of every year.

How to register Mobile Number for Pension Account

Here we had provided you with information that how you can get the statement of your account. To register the mobile number the CTS UK official is providing the facility to register the mobile number. Pensioner of Uttarakhand is able to register their number through visiting in the official website of CTS Uttarakhand https://cts.uk.gov.in/. where you have to select the option of Employee Mobile Number Registration or if you are pension account holder then select the option of Pensioners Mobile Number Registration. After selecting the option you phone number registration enter your pensioner id and enter the number which you want to register then you will get a confirmation code through sms enter that and your number will be registered.

How to Submit complaint / Suggestion for Pension or GPF Account in Uttarakhand

The Core Treasury System CTS is also providing the option to submit your complaint or to give feedback. If any subscriber of pension of GPF is having an issue regarding his fund or account then he can submit his complaint online as per the following:

$= Visit to the online page of CTS UK https://cts.uk.gov.in/ and you can get the Complaint / Suggestion option on the right side of the page.

$= Select your complaint type in the first section and then enter your user id, the employee also has to enter the user mail id.

$= Write the subject of your complaint on the section and write your complaint after that. In last fill the code which had mentioned on the page and click on the option of sending.

Important Notice Board

Here we had provided you all the process to get the pension statement, to register your mobile number, etc. Here we are giving you some important notes which you need to keep in your mind before going to use the official of CTS Uttarakhand.

=> Use only the official website of CTS https://cts.uk.gov.in/ to get the report related to pension. Do not use or give your personal information to any other website online.

=> http://ekosh.uk.gov.in/ is the only official website for the treasury in Uttarakhand online. Do not access any other website.

=> All statements reports and finance-related details are free of cost. Do not pay any charges to anyone for your pension account related.

=> www.ekosh.uk.gov.in website also provides the e-Challan facility which you can get through the official page.

=> If you are having any issue you can also call to the e-Kosh help desk number 1800 266 2277 where you can get live assistance.

=> If you need staff help of the CTS department visit to the page of http://ekosh.uk.gov.in/contactus where all the numbers and offices addresses are