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The department of school and mass education under the govt of Orissa / Odisha has established in the year of 1993. The department works to provide and improve elementary education in the state along with the mass, computer, teachers training, and secondary education. The main works to provide the various schemes under the govt of Orissa and keeping the availability of resources in the state for students and teachers. The working staff of the state in the teaching and non-teaching department can check their various information through the online website. It provides the details regarding to the transfer of employees and policies regarding it.

As per the survey in the year 2011, literacy was approx 74% in which 73% part playing by the males and 64% by females. The department has the official website link https://sme.odisha.gov.in/. It works to give the primary and secondary education in the state in which right now approx 36 thousand primaries and 20 thousand upper primary schools and 7 thousand government and aided secondary with 9 hundred recognized high schools are available. In sate there also more than 150 permitted by the school and mass education of Orissa permitted high schools are available right now.

As on the govt records, right now more than 66 lakhs children are getting an education in primary level in which more than 12 lakhs students belong to the scheduled cast SC quota and 17 lakhs from scheduled tribes ST. It gives the facility for the free textbooks, midday meals for children, etc under the sarv shiksha abhiyan scheme. On the other side in secondary education it provides the RMSA scheme under which the students can get the computer education and other higher education under the board of secondary education. It works to provide the facility for the establishment of a school for secondary education in per 5km and higher secondary schools in per 7 to 10 km in every district.

The department also works to provide the facilities for their staff who are working in the teaching and non-teaching department as employees from the new join and for a long time. The dept provides gpf, pension, teachers posting, non-teaching staff transfer, complaint cell/grievance facilities etc. The govt and school & mass education dept works to the establishment of new schools and providing teachers facility there. For the posting in state Orissa under the intradistrict and inter-district has some rules and regulations in which the dept has established a chairman of the committee for the teachers who want to get theirs inter block teacher posting. This committee can be chosen by the Zilla Parishad, urban body chairman, MP MLA, or by any other representative.

The teachers who had completed there 10 years of teaching service in the same area or the other staff also who are working in junior/senior can get there appointment. In this process, they are able to get the new posting in high schools, colleges, or by the teacher training department. It depends as per the interest of teachers and students. Along with these, the working staff/teacher / non-teaching employees can also get the benefits of seniority.

Mainly the transfer policies work under the six areas as per given:


@=> Rule 1: Office Memorandum Number 14151 (for general)
Posting of any teacher / non-teaching staff in the same area/school/station/division if they are husband and wife and one of them had done there 10 years of services with the department.

@=> Rule 2: Circular Number 31359 (for General)
Through the state govt appointment or posting for one / two / many teachers in Orissa state.

@=> Rule 3: Circular Number 27559 (for general and Oriya)
This policy also applies the same rules as per rule number 2. The teachers can get posting or transfer as per the state govt.

@=> Rule 4: Resolution Number 1 (for general)
Providing posting in Gajapati, Kandhamal, KBK, and Boudh areas of Odisha through the special dispensation by the department of school education of Orissa for teachers and non-teaching employees.

@=> Rule:“ Office Memorandum Number 23536 (for general)
Under rule 5 the staff that had joined/appointed in the year 2000 “ 2001 can get a transfer through the govt for teachers in the state.

@=> Rule 6: Resolution Number 24003 (for general)
This rule gives the facility to get the transfer for staff in KBK districts areas of Odisha state.

Apart from these rules and policies, the department has there some other rules for which teachers/citizens can get more information from http://www.orissa.gov.in/schooleducation website. The department gives the services to all of their department staff under these rules.

Department of School and Mass Education Orissa Works:

 The dept official website provides the e-citizen section in which the common person can get the information in an easy way.

 Providing online information related to primary and secondary education

 Establishing the school in primary, junior, secondary, higher levels in the state.

 Giving the rules regulation/guideline to all schools in the state.

 Information for education act

 Various schemes for schools, teachers, and students.

 Giving approval to new schools in the state.

 Scholarship facility for students.

 Online feedback and complaint cell.

 School information recognized by the dept.

 Information for the teachers who are working in various schools in the state

 Teacher’s training and other side program facilities.

 Education budget information by the state govt.

 Giving facilities under the schemes of ssa, rmsa in schools.

 Showing / providing all the notification related to the schools, teachers, students in the state.

The teacher transfer list can get through the official page notification section and it can be get through the department or by your school also. The appointment for teachers can get in the following modes:

1. Inter-District Transfer:
For only those teachers who want to get other schools in the same post/subject in the same district.

2. Within District Transfer for Secondary School Teachers:
Only the teachers who are working in secondary schools can bet the benefits of this scheme.

3. Mutual Transfer for Elementary Teachers
The teachers who are working in the preliminary section can get the appointment through the mutual understating of two teachers if they both are agreed to exchange their posts in same subject,

How to Get Teacher Transfer List in Orissa:

For the request of posting teachers will have to follow the instructions by their school and has to submit their application. After the process done by the department, the notification will publish on the official website or teachers can get it through their schools.

If any case of more help can be get through the head office from Commissioner-cum-secretary, department of school and mass education, govt of Orissa Bhubaneswar. You can also get the email help via secysme@gmail.com, secysme.od@nic.in or contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com.

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