Madhya Pradesh Caste Certificate Application Form PDF

The caste certificate is proof for the holding candidate that he/she belongs to that particular community, religion or caste which has mentioned on that certificate. The government realized that all citizens have the right to grow with the same ratio and speed along with the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes (sc / st) peoples. So it’s started to provide a kind of certificate to the peoples who come under the special caste or community through using which the person can get a reservation in various places. Citizens can get help and reservation through using the caste certificate in schools/collages admission or to get the relaxation in application fees, various educational institutions quota reservation, upper age relaxation in some of govt / non-govt jobs and recruitment along with the educational qualification passing marks relaxation. To get all these kinds of benefits citizens need a caste certificate for which they need to apply via following a process.

However, it’s was a difficult process in the past time and the Madhya Pradesh govt is trying to improve their service to provide an mp caste certificate easily. But we can see that in the local office the citizen starts to stand in a long queue. The citizen needs the certificate that’s why they start standing in front of the office from a late night at 2 am and waits to open the window. The crowd grows as the day grows from time to time. Sometimes citizen returns without taking their certificate because of too crowd at the window. The students say that they need it to submit to their school and collages. Due to the big crowd, they are unable to get a certificate however the facility is not given online by the state government of Madhya Pradesh caste certificate yet.

About Madhya Pradesh Caste Certificate​

The right to get the Madhya Pradesh caste certificate comes under the Indian constitution of Article 341 and 342 through which all citizens of mp can apply for it. The application form is provided online or by the concerned department office in the city/town/village. It can get through the office of SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate), tehsil or the revenue department office. The Madhya Pradesh caste certificate department is also free to make an inquiry about you and your family regarding this. After completing all eligibility criteria citizens can get the mp caste certificate via submitting the required fees for it.

However, the state and Bhopal govt made short timing from 6 months to 3 months for getting an mp caste certificate. Also, the solution and resolves of all application duration are fixed by govt in 1 month through help centers. Yet it does not succeed in state and not one is getting their required documents. As per the report, there are lots of applications are still pending yet. As per the collector also in every solution center daily 50 to 100 applicants visit to get their mp caste certificate such in a 1-month center receives from 1000 to 1500 application forms. Some of these applicants suspend because of no time remain and some still are in the pending list. Although if any citizen goes to the solution center he/she can get the certificate in one month as per the records till now there are more than 3000 application cases that are pending yet.

Also, the citizens are facing issue problems by not receiving their document incorrect circle in which the certificate remains pending. The certificate sends return to tehsil by the revenue inspector and patwari when the check that this is not for their circle area. However, the state govt and Bhopal administration started citizen services centers are now becoming problem centers day by day. The centers are not holding the process of verification after taking 20 rupees fees as well as however the duplicate copies are available at CSC centers. No, any officer agrees to make the verification process for certificates as on the result the applicants are not getting their required documents on time. Significantly the state government was started solution centers in the collector’s office to help peoples.

Gradually the centers were started to provide 15 various services. In which facility of undisputed mutation, birth-death certificate, income certificate, domicile certificate, arms license renewal, land records search reports, etc are included. After approving the public service guarantee act the govt converted their solution centers into public services centers and the public services department started gives also most of the services here.

So now the solution centers are providing services just for the death certificate, birth certificate and caste certificate of Madhya Pradesh. The citizens are also paying 20 rupees as the fees extra for verification of their documents.

We are going to share some important information that how you can get an mp caste certificate in state and what all processes you need to do for it. See all details are mention below and for more help, you can take assistance help.

How to Apply for Caste Certificate in Madhya Pradesh​

If the applicant belongs from scheduled caste, scheduled tribes or other backward class (sc / st / obc) can get various benefits with their certificate. Applicants must need to use their record of 1950 either the application can reject. The information for documents contains the application form itself but still if you not going to include any document then problems arise letter.
Applicants who are not originally having residents from the Bhopal or in Madhya Pradesh also apply through a broker which is illegal. Preserve records of 50 years is too difficult and applicants who don’t have this is not able to make their Madhya Pradesh caste certificate. In the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, the govt puts washerman as the scheduled caste (SC) and also in other districts its comes under the other backward class (obc) category.
Application Process:

 For making caste certificate mp applicant will need to reach in established solution centers (citizens service centers) or in tehsil to submit their application forms. The addresses and phone numbers of these offices are given below:

Madhya Pradesh Caste Certificate Application Form PDF

Official Website =>

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Office उप डिवीजनल मजिस्ट्रेट (एसडीएम) कार्यालय

  • Jhabua (झाबुआ): 243318
  • Thandla (थांदला): 276341
  • Petlawad (पेटलावद): 261781
  • Barghest (बरघाट): 227410
  • Ghansore (घंसोर): 280116
  • Seoni & Keolari (सोनी और कोलरी): 235381
  • Lakhnadon (लखनादोन): 240122

Tehsil Office (तहसीलदार कार्यालय)

  • Petlawad (पेटलावद): 261447
  • Meghnagar (मेघनगर): 284310
  • Jhabua (झाबुआ): 244262
  • Ranakpur (रानापुर): 283271
  • Seoni (सोनी): 223966
  • Bhind (भिंड): 230501
  • Ater (अतर): 282361
  • Mehgaon (मेहगों): 252232
  • Gohad (गोहद): 222033
  • Roun (रोऊँ): 285654

 Please use 91-07392 before dialing any number from the above list.

 For submitting the application form candidates needs to deposit 50 Rupees fees and have to take the receipt for that from solution centers (CSC) for the mp caste certificate. First, the applications reach to tehsil officer.

 Then it refers to the corresponding area Patwari as on the application has written the address and locality information. The RI Patwari takes the inspection at the moment and creates a report. After that, the patwari sends this inspection report to the tehsil office for the next process.

 The tehsildar (officer in tehsil) sends the Madhya Pradesh caste certificate application, not to the SDM (sub-divisional magistrate) office. If the SDM founds any lack or missing documentation with application form then he/she orders to get that.

 In case applicants do not arrangement of their documents or reports comes to the SDM that the person is living outside of Madhya Pradesh then the application will be rejected.

 If the officer will found all things correct with information and documents the SDM approves the caste certificate Madhya Pradesh application and you can get it through the same solution center or the tehsil office (tehsildar).

Required Documents:

If the department of SDM found the applicant living outside and confirm it the form rejects. The office forwards this application to the concerned department for inquiry. After all thing confirmation SDM office provides caste certificate Madhya Pradesh. The candidate also has to attach their documents see the below list of papers that you need to arrange either form can reject.

  • The application form must be filled and clasped behind with the notarized affidavit
  • You need two passport size photos with white background to get the certificate
  • Get the certificate of society from your local area officer/authority
  • If comes under OBC (other backward class) arrange 1984 records
  • If comes under SC, ST (scheduled caste, scheduled tribe) arrange 1950 records
  • Copy of ration card in attested and dully signs mode as address proof or other documents which can use in the place of same
  • Copy of photo id proof (voter id card) or any identity card which can use in the place of same

Important Information for Madhya Pradesh Caste Certificate​

Re-appeal Provision: The state government of Madhya Pradesh is also giving the provision to appear again to get the caste certificate mp. After all these the peoples do not take advantage of this rule.

Not Using Format 3 for Making Certificate: As per the departmental officers if any applicant is living outside of mp state is also eligible to get the caste certificate but he/she shall use the format 3 for the process. The citizens who come from outside of Bhopal did not use this format to make their Madhya Pradesh caste certificate here because this kind of certificate is not applicable for the governmental services of state govt. While the officers also did not give the format 3 to make the certificate and reject the application form of the outer applicant of mp state.

Brokers Work for Fake Certificates: As per the sources of state Madhya Pradesh state govt the person who wants caste certificate of Madhya Pradesh visits in the solution center (CSC) either stuck with the broker. The department works with the right process for the applicant who comes direct and the department looks with no care of the applications comes through brokers. These brokers take a big amount to make fake caste certificate mp here. Also, this amount goes to all the workers from the lower division to upper divisions due to that the bogus certificate comes.

No One Follow the Circular: GAD also said to take the application under the 1950 and 1984 circular records law. But in the state, no one follows this rule and works as they want to get the certificate.

Difficulties in Collecting Papers: It is too difficult to find records for the past 50 years also it is not possible to keep maintain these records as well. As per the department said it is too tuff to take care and keep safe of all records. Also, it is too troublesome to collect these documents when the SDM or tehsildar ask for these documents. But the govt is trying to pass a new provision soon through which this law will replace.

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