Karnataka Teachers Payslip Govt Employees Download & View Salary Slip Online

Karnataka Teachers Payslip: The finance department, government of Karnataka can provide the facility to users to view their teacher’s salary slip. They can issue an online portal human resources management system. There is service is available for government, AIDED, and boards or university employees. They can provide all types of application forms. Most of the user wants online services it can save their time. They need to follow all the required steps. Here user also needs to apply for employee basic details, payroll, register services, transfer and more one. They can provide here information about more than 5, 50, 000 employees who scattered in thirty districts of the state. This online system can also generate an arrears bill due to an employee for DA, increment, promotion.

Advantages of HRMS Karnataka

  • They can provide a single unified, consistent database for all categories like state, all India services, UGA, AICTE and another one.
  • There are more accountability and transparency.
  • The pension settlement becomes very easy. They can also generate here pension papers.
  • It can save lots of time for the government to get any information about an employee to make any type of decision.
  • After login details, the user can use all the online services which are issued by the HRMA.

Who Can View Salary Slip Of Karnataka Government Employees

The salary slip is required by the person who is a government employee as a teacher in Karnataka state. They can require their login details.

How To Get Salary Slip in HRMS Karnataka

Before apply here online services you need to follow all points which are given below. You can require your login details if the user has these details they need to apply services.

δ»»» Applicant you need to open the website of the Human resources management system, the government of Karnataka. You can use internet services and computer to access web pages. The web link is given below so you can log in.

δ»»» This link can provide web pages of “Human resources management system (HRMA)”. You need to see here the name of services which is provided.

δ»»» You find here there is login page is provided. Here the first user needs to select login type like government/ AIDED/ board – university.

δ»»» You need to fill here correct user id and password. (They are needed valid and correct)

δ»»» Now enter the code which is provided and then select here languages. Now you need to click on login button.

δ»»» After login by the user they need to select here pay slip form and need to start to fill correct details. After this process, you need to print pay slip. It can contain here employee id and more.

If pay slip is provided correct then the user needs to take the printout of the slip. You need to take the printout of this slip. It is necessary for all people. This slip can contain employee name, employee code, the month of salary slip and another one. You need to keep this slip safe for use government services.

After applying services by the user they need to apply for change password services. For this services, they can require their old password. You need to read next section which is given below.

Change Password of HRMA Website for Karnataka Teachers Payslip

At the time of change password by the user, they can need their DDO code and old password. If the user has these details they need to apply change password services. Now you can see here web links.

This link can provide a password management services. They can provide a form to the user you need to fill here correct details.

  • The first user needs to select roles which are provided on the list.
  • Enter DDO code.
  • You need to fill here valid old password.
  • Enter here new password.
  • After filling new password by the user they need to confirm the password.

Now you need to recheck all if they are found here correct then you need to click on save button. Your password is changed here now you need to apply here view salary slip services. It is necessary for all people.

After complete process here now we can provide some important notes. You need to read all information one by one. The details are given below.

α〉 Point Needs to Remember: –
  • At the time of application services, you can needed login details.
  • Applicant needs to fill at least 7 characters.
  • They can also need at least one numerical number.
  • You can also require one special character.
  • It does not need to start or end with the user id.
¤ℵ¤ Department Contact Details for Help ¤ℵ¤

Now we can provide here contact information about the department. You need to see all details one by one.

  • —Phone Number: – 080-22372301
  • —Phone Number: – 080-22372881
  • —Dept Email Id: – hrmshelpdesk@gmail.com

If they have any quires about online services then you can use here contact details. They can help all services about Karnataka Teachers Payslip. This phone number is provided to the user in all working days so you need to call on working hours.

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