Jharkhand Online Land Record Vasudha V2.0 and Digital Map

Notification of Jharkhand Online Land Record Revenue Department: Vasudha public land ownership-related information (posting and revenue) Shatt percent to reach with transparency maps, measles is a powerful information system. Desired information through the internet-based information system, cyber cafe, law office, can be obtained from Zonal Office, and intelligence centers. In today’s context where the world is moving faster dissemination of information from every point of view, it is a revolution that the people of Jharkhand your property information being available all the breaking traditional barriers. It is also beneficial for every class of society.

Through its planners and administration will be able to make quick decisions and related actions. Hope it will benefit all the people as a whole. With this hope, this is dedicated to the public information system. If you have any problems or suggestions, please provide the information and help the state to benefit from this revolution.

About Online Land Records in Jharkhand

More than 32 thousand villages and 210 regions of Jharkhand land records computerization work are progressing rapidly. The state government has set a deadline of March 2014 for all regions are online. Statewide zone area offices will be connected through networking. This range includes the states of Jharkhand will be leading. Land records to be updated, the demand for land, as well as all receipts, will be provided. Deputy Commissioners of all districts’ government land records registers 2 (posting) and is directed to the digitization of maps.

Bokaro, Deoghar, Dhanbad, Dumka, East Singhbhum, Gumla, Hazaribagh, Khunti, Ramgarh, Ranchi, Lohardaga, Saraikela – Krsanwan and the task of computerization of land records in West Singhbhum Infotech Ltd has Rudrane. Zap IT is working in seven districts. The computerization of land records Infotech Rudrane has over 2.28 lakh. From the filing of registration – to dismiss transparency will come in the way. Rayed find online is the actual status of your land. The plot of land in return for a transfer from the number of computers will be available based on Anclwar and village.

The old system can not meet the ground at the time of the document. Documentation of the land records room is not in perfect condition. Into most lapel offices and Halka employee posting record figures offs carry around your neighborhood. To work on those allegations have been made with the money. Many times there is controversy about the matter. National Land Records Modernization Program’s command center in Jharkhand (NLRMP) work was started in 2009-10.

The aim of all documents relating to the computerization of land across the state, cadastral digitization of maps, zonal and district-level data center build, install and review of interconnectivity between various revenue offices to carry out survey work. The central government plans to introduce 20 districts in the state, including Ranchi was approved. The districts were selected in the first stage, They Dhanbad, Koderma, Pakur, Dumka, Sahibganj, Godda, Deoghar, Hazaribagh, Ramgarh, Bokaro, Lohardaga, Gumla, Khunti, East Singhbhum, West Singhbhum, Saraikela – Krsanwan, Latehar, Ranchi plea and were involved.

Soon the whole state of Jharkhand E – registration system is being implemented. The system of land record (write-off Records) will be easier to availability. The present system of land purchase – sales offices in the region around the common person is required to but the new system is expected to get rid of it. Jharkhand will be the only state in the country where the system is implemented. The implementation of the land registry online manner, the mutation, the facility will get a haircut receipt of revenue.

Jharkhand government is determined to implement the system. Purchase of land – from the sale of his ownership of the process will be completely transparent to the citizens of the state of corruption and intermediaries will be able to fully discharge. Computerize all land records Zonal Office, Deputy Commissioner’s office and will stay in the modern record room.

How to Check Online Land Record Online in Jharkhand

The website of online land records https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/Default.aspx has been made by the NIC team of Jharkhand state. The citizens have given the facility to check their plot and khatian information online by visiting the vasudha portal. See the below-given step by step process to download the digital map (online bhu naksha), khata khatian, landowner information:

=> Visit the official website of Vasudha V2.0 and select the one of option from following mentioned through which you want to check khatian and plot information:

=> Visit the official web page in following links to check the registration information in Jharkhand online land record official website of vasudha:

  • With khata number
  • With reyat number
  • With name owner name

=> If you want to see the khasra manchitra (digital map) then visit the page where all the maps are given by village names.

=> For the mutation process (dakhila kharij) visit map page. This facility is only given to the authorized person

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