India and Sri Lanka have a long history of friendly ties and have often come together to share successes. In 2005, the two teams achieved a remarkable feat when they co-won the ICC Champions Trophy.

India & Sri Lanka: Co-Champions

The ICC Champions Trophy is a One-Day International (ODI) tournament held every four years. It is a tournament between the top eight teams in the world. In 2005, the tournament was held in England and India and Sri Lanka were the teams that made it to the final.

The final match was a thrilling affair, with both teams determined to win the trophy. The match ended in a tie, with both sides having scored an equal number of runs. As a result, the ICC awarded the trophy to both India and Sri Lanka, making them co-champions.

ICC Champions Trophy 2005

The 2005 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy was the fourth tournament of its kind. India and Sri Lanka were both in top form and the final was a closely contested match. Sri Lanka batted first and scored a total of 298 runs in the allotted 50 overs. India, in reply, also scored 298 runs in their allotted overs, resulting in a tie.

The result was a historic moment in the history of cricket. For the first time, two teams had tied in a major cricket tournament and both were declared co-champions. This was a unique moment for both India and Sri Lanka and a testament to their friendly ties.

India and Sri Lanka have shared many successes in the past and the co-winning of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2005 is a testament to their friendly ties. The match was a thrilling affair and the two teams have since been held up as an example of how two countries can come together to achieve something great.