Himachal Pradesh Domicile Certificate HP e-Praman Bonafide

About HP domicile certificate: The domicile/ Bonafide certificate or permanent residence proof certificate is a document to prove that the person is having this has his/her permanent living place in that particular state / UT from where it had got approval. It can be used for various educational institutions along with the government service as to show the local reference quota or to prove the address. Apart from this, the Himachal Pradesh state government gives various kinds of other benefits to certificate holders.

About HP Domicile certificate 

However, the process is only available through the SDM (sub-divisional magistrate) / tehsil office/revenue department/district collector or other concerned department office but in some of the state, this facility is also available through the official online websites. In the rural area, the service to given the domicile certificate is available through the panchayat and urban areas have the facility through the Municipal Corporation/municipalities of that city. For obtaining this the citizens may need to show their living proof in HP state for a specific duration.

Peoples also need some other documents like the officer in charge attested copy for inquiry, school certificate and verification and inquiry report by the tehsil office. The person can get the residence proof for the same state where he/she living also a person can get only one certificate if anyone found with having more than a certificate is illegal. All citizens are suggested to apply only once in their life for it.

A real Himachal Pradesh citizen is who having his permanent address and had got birth in the state. Apart from this, the person is living from the past 15 years in the state is also a legal citizen and eligible to get the domicile certificate. If any person is using a bank account on the address of state but living outside so he/she is also eligible to apply for the certificate. If any woman has a residence outside of the state but she got married to a person who is already having the certificate here then she is also able to get it for herself also.

Himachal Pradesh​ Domicile Certificate Online Application 

Under e-praman, the state govt tehsil office and SDM office provides the facility to get all kinds of certificates in the state. The department and authority offices are connected with the E-Praman system. Apart from this the service to give it also has given through the Sugam centers where citizens can visit and can submit their application form. Click to the below page and download the application form now from the below-given link which you can submit to the revenue of the tehsil office after filling it.
In the application form first, you need to fill the tehsil name where you are going to submit it after that give some following details:
  • Full name of the applicant
  • Applicant father’s name
  • Complete address
  • Fill duration of living in HP
  • Fill complete date of birth in DD/MM/YY

After this at the bottom of the application form makes your sign and attach you all documents and submit to the office. If you need more help regarding certificate contact to the nearest concerned department office.

E-district HP Ofiicial Website for Himachal Pradesh domicile/Bonofied certificate

Please find the online application for Bonofied certificate online application through E-district HP official website from Below


HP bonofied domicile certificate

Why need Bonofied certificate Of HP 

There are many reasons that citizen of Himachal Pradesh required their bonified certificate for education purpose job purpose etc. if any Himachali woman has govt. married with the person of the outside of the state, in that case, her citizenship will have lapsed. For the employees who are working with the state govt and having their residence in the state or outside of the state is also able to get it and also their wives certificate will be considered. The citizen needs to get the inquiry report from any HP govt patwari, village pradhan, MP, the working officer in Municipal Corporation. Applicants will have to attach this document with the application form and also need the report through the revenue department officer. Generally, the process of making is signal day has decided but in case of any document missing it can take 15 days for the process.

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