instructions are given below

Bharat Gas new connection

 First, you need to log on to http;// or
You can register the online service of Bharat Gas to obtain the registration id or the user name and the password.  ⊗  At the time of registration, the user can create their login and password.
 These login id and password help to access the information of the Bharat gas and also avail the secure environment to interact.
 Then you can place your order of refill the gas online very easily.
 To book the gas you should enter the date and time for the service of gas delivery.
 The online service of Bharat Gas provides the previous details of your gas booking.
 It is also useful to check the earliest gas booking so that you can book your refill after 21 days of the previous booking.After the success of the online submission of a new connection, the applicant have to wait for further response. When you will receive the response from the Bharat Gas you will go for the nearest outlet of your choice, and you will be assist to pick the delivery.

  • Here are some important documents which are to be submitted for the Bharat Gas new connection;
  •  Photocopy of your Ration Card
  •  Photocopy of your voter id, passport, or identity proof
  • Photocopy of your electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill and a copy of your residential address
  • Photocopy of house number and possession of your house.

After the submission of your important documents, the online booking of your gas connection will be verified and soon a new gas connection will be allotted to you.