To view the payslip of army officers they need to visit an online portal of government of India, a ministry of defense, controller of defense accounts. They can provide all information about payslip and other services. The user needs to read each step, then apply the required one. This online portal is open all time. Some services are provided about payment, services to officers or staff of PAO, allotment of departmental and records management. They can provide here all type of application form to the user so they can apply services. Now check here contact information about the given department.
To view the payslip of employee you need to read all instruction and web links here. It can provide complete information to the user on how to apply services. You need to follow all steps here.

DSC Pay Slip 2022 (Indian Army Payslip Online Download)

At a time of view pay slip applicant, you can needed internet services and computers to access given web pages. You need to follow each step.

@=Step Point A: 
Applicant you need to open portal of P.A.O DSC, Kannur by type on Google on your web browser. You can also click on web links before it now checks here the demo image of the portal.

Now click the link here to open given page.

You need to click on a link here then a new page is open in which first check here the name of services mention here.
@=Step Point B: 
Now, users, you need to scroll down a page and check on the left side it can contain login, you need to check on demo image here. After clicking on login, it can provide a new page to users. You need to again check here demo image.
After checking the image here you need to check the link at the time of application services.

This link can provide the login page you need to select here any of one.

@=Step Point C: 
In login page applicant you need to first select any of option one by one.

  • |Army login
  • |Unit login
  • |Admin login

Here we need to provide details about army login you need to read all details one by one. Now select here army login.

@=Step Point D:
If the army login page is not found then you need to check the link here. This link is given below.

When you can click on a link it can provide login page to the user. This page looks like as demo image; you need to check all information here.

@=Step Point E: 
Here you need to fill correct army number. Then click on submit button. Now you need to select here form for pay slip and fill correct information. It can provide complete details to the user about their pay slip. You need to check all information here valid then you need to print out of pay slip. It can contain their name, army number, sealer details and other more.

As you can see here we can provide all details about army login you need to check screen-shots of the page then apply through web links. So follow each steps mention here.

Now, user, we can also provide new login type of unit only. This is also online services so you need to follow all steps and apply services soon.

Procedure for Defence Other Rank Officers Unit Login for Payslip (paodscknr unit login)

For DSC Pay Slip 2022 unit login, the user can need their unit code and password. If they have both details then easily apply here services. Now you need to check here web links on below.

This link can provide unit login with one click. It can open a page on your computer screen. For confirm page is correct you need to check demo image here.
After confirming page here you need to fill some information given on the form. You need to fill information given below.

  • |Unit code: – Fill here correct unit code
  • |Password: – Enter correct password

After fill all valid information here now you need to click on submit button. By this action, they can provide a unit page in which they need to select here pay slip. Now check all information here is correct or not then you need to take print out of a slip. This information is needed by users.

Some time user can lose their password, they need to recover their password by entering the correct information. We can provide web links so you can easily recover your password for getting DSC Pay Slip 2022.

DSC Pay Slip Reset Password

A user here we can provide instruction to recover your password. For these services, admin password is needed. So follow all steps with links.

This link can help to user to view their password and need to recover them. Here you need to fill correct admin password and follow all instruction here. They can soon provide the new password to users.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pay Slip from Defense Ministry (por dsc kannur pay slip)

In this section, we can provide here some FAQ question. You need to read all details so you can get help with online services.

This link can provide all type of question about salary slip and more. You need to read all information with their answer. They can provide complete details to the user about the slip.

Contact Details 

—ϖ—Ministry of Defence-Controller of Defense Accounts Chennai Govt of India Contact Details—ϖ—

Now you need to check here contact information about given department. They can provide complete help to the user about their services.

  • |Official Post: – PAO DSC CANNANORE
  • |Officer Name: – SH. B. N. AMRESH SR.AO (PAO (ORs) DSC)
  • |Office Address: – Mill Road, Burnecherry Kannur – 670013
  • |Office Phone Number & Fax: – 0497-2706898
  • |Official e-Mail Address: – [email protected]

It is contact information about the department you need to call here and ask a correct question about services. They can provide all solution to the user about DSC Pay Slip 2022.