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The department of Revenue and NIC India has built powerful software that works for citizens openly and free. This software is also known as the name of Bhuiyan which provides the online land records. The Bhuiyan is developed by the NIC to provide all information of your agriculture and business property for districts and tehsil wise details. Chhattisgarh Revenue dept is work under the Commissioner land record (aaukt bhu-Abhilekh). The Bhuiyan project is the website to provide the computerized land record for citizens to save their time and money. Today no one wants to waste their time on the rounds of their tehsil or don’t want to call again and again to their area patwari so this website is very useful for them. The Bhuiyan gives the online land record details for 18 numbers of districts along with a total number of 150 tehsils information under the state govt project.

The website has recently uploaded their old 98 more tehsils office as well on their system. The peoples who want their Khasra, khata, khatauni can use this website any time and from anywhere in India by the time of 24 X 7. To get it through the Tehsils you may have to pay some fixed charges but you don’t need to pay any charge from the official page of CG revenue dept online land records.

The Bhuiyan software version 1.3.2 designed to get all the data entry and mutation. It also has the facility to give the P II and B 1 reports and documents. Here I am giving you information that how you can get your khata khatauni through using the official page of the CG nic revenue dept website.

Online CG Khata Khatauni from Revenue Official Website

Suppose you want to get your land record, mutation, data entry, P-2, B-1 report or khata khatoni any one of these for Durg tehsil any of village in Chhattisgarh then see the below steps to get it.


  • Some of Tehsils data are not available yet the CG nic unit is working to upload it.
  • CG Online Land record Data is available from 10:30 AM to 05:30 PM on all working days only.
First Step: Go to the official page of CG Revenue through the OR and select the option of district wise land record. Or use the link to reach in district and tehsil wise online land record page of Chhattisgarh. Here you will have to select your tehsil for example Durg then clicks on it. You can also use the direct option on the front page of “Select Your District” to enter the page.


Second Step: Now you will get your complete villages list and village code for which you want to get CG online land records or khata khatoni via Bhuiyan. Or if you enter through the front page then select the way to get your Chhattisgarh online land record report mode via the option of Khasra P II or Khasra P II all details, Khatauni B I or Khatauni B I all Details suppose you want from Khasra P II then select it. After that select your tehsil for which you want to check the CG revenue report as you want for Durg 01 after that select the R/N/M and then village like you want for Jewara village number 430101.015 select it.


Third Step: This step you can use your Khasara number or can also use the way of the name in which you can also type your name in Hindi. The CG Land Records page of the govt Revenue dept is also provided you a virtual keyboard to typing in Hindi and then click to the option of “Get Details”.
Now download your Khasra and get the printout same like this you can get your all the details by:
  • Khasra P II
  • Khasra P II All details
  • Khatauni B I
  • Khatauni B I All Details

खसरा (Khasra P-II) व खतौनी (Khatoni B-I) देखने की विधि

१. जिला (District) – > तहसील (Tehsil)-> राजस्व निरीक्षक मंडल -> ग्राम चुने (Select Village) | On knowing the village number (ग्राम क्रमांक), you can proceed by giving the serial number directly|
२. Select Khasra Var to see details by giving Khasra number.
३. Otherwise, the details can be seen on the basis of any part of the landowner’s name. It is necessary to have a Hindi typing tool.
४. Link to download Hindi typing tool is 
५. Based on the fraction of the name, the landlords can proceed by selecting the name from the list of names.
६. A Khasra number (खसरा नंबर) can be given directly on choosing the Khasra Var option (खसरा वार विकल्प ). Or can also be selected from the Khasra list.
७. इसके पश्चात (P-II) या (B-I) का चयन कर संबधित रिपोर्ट को देखा जा सकता है |


CG भू नक्शा देखने की विधि

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