The caste certificate is a very important proof for every person not only to show the information and facts of caste but it is also useful to obtain various types of government and non-government services along with in every Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh state. The scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, and other backward class category citizens can get the benefits of various social welfare schemes under the UP state government in which they are able to get employment, self-employment, various types of loans in low-interest rates for education, house building, etc. Through using the caste certificate in Ghaziabad the holder person can get the reservation under the Indian constitution law in which they are able to get the reserved seats and relaxation in various types of government and non-govt jobs.

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  • 1 Caste Certificate in Ghaziabad
    • 1.1  List of Required documents Caste certificate in Ghaziabad
      • 1.1.1 Address Proof –
      • 1.1.2 Age Proof –
      • 1.1.3 Supporting Documents –
      • 1.1.4 Where to Get Caste Certificate Application Form In Ghaziabd
      • 1.1.5 Where to Go for Affidavit
      • 1.1.6 Where to Go for Submitting caste certificate Application Ghaziabad
      • 1.1.7 Caste certificate Verification Process of Tehsil
      • 1.1.8 Appeal for Status of Caste certificate Application
        • Important Notes before Going to Apply

Caste Certificate in Ghaziabad

The caste certificate is very important for the students also through which they are able to take admission in educational institution and can get the reservation in seats along with the fee concession etc. The students can also get the scholarship schemes for the SC, ST and OBC category by the social welfare department and through the education board of Uttar Pradesh.

Apart from these the certificate is also useable in other places. But the peoples get annoyed of thinking that how to made the caste certificate in the Ghaziabad. If you are too worried thinking about it then here we are providing you solution regarding this. For this, you have to make some effort from your side.

The holder person is also able to get the benefits of various schemes. The government provides the facility to get home loans. The SC ST or OBC certificate having a person is also able to get the incentive schemes through the state govt. In Ghaziabad, the Municipal Corporation has given the authority to make their all types of certificate. The desired person will have to visit the department office and have to submit their request to the authorized person after which he/she will be able to get it.

 List of Required documents Caste certificate in Ghaziabad

The candidates who want to get the caste certificate in Ghaziabad UP will also have to submit some documents with the application form. See the below-given list of all documents which you will have to attach with the application form before visiting in the concerned department’s office:

Address Proof –

First, all of you will need the address proof with the application form. The citizens will have to attach those documents through which they can prove that they are having their permanent residence in Ghaziabad city. The applicant can use their photocopy of the ration card in which all family members derails must be mentioned or they can use the copy of recently paid electricity bill, landline phone bill, etc.

You also can use the property papers of Ghaziabad, land records nakal, khata khatuni copy, or pariwar registry nakal etc. The peoples who are living in rent in UP are able to use the copy of their rent agreement along with the copy of identification proof the house owner.

In case the applicant is not having any of the document of state he/she can get the affidavit through the public notary, judicial magistrate or via the tehsil office and have to declare that the person is having the permanent address in that particular area from where he/she is going to apply for it.

Age Proof –

The candidate also has to submit the proof for his / her age. The applicants can use a copy of their birth certificate. If you are not having the birth proof then attach the copy of the school leaving certificate or 10th class passing certificate which must be got through any of the UP Ghaziabad recognized university/college / educational institution/board etc.

In case any candidates is not having any of the above mentioned document he/she can use the affidavit issued through the judicial magistrate or by the public notary/tehsil with having all the information regarding to birthplace and date of birth.

Supporting Documents –

The candidates also will have to attach their copy of supporting documents such as the other family member’s caste certificate (brother, father, grandfather’s certificate) issued through the Ghaziabad authority. Candidates can also use their income certificate, the domicile of Uttar Pradesh state, etc.

In the other documents, the applicants are able to use their proof which can show that the person is having his / her native place in Ghaziabad. You also have to attach the declaration affidavit in the Rs. 10 judicial stamp paper with the application form.

Where to Get Caste Certificate Application Form In Ghaziabd

For the issuance of caste certificate application forms are available through the typist of setting outside of the collector’s office. There are no fees has written on the application form but the setting salesperson will charges you Rs. 05 for providing it. There is no provision made by the Ghaziabad collector or authority to provide the hard copy application form via the office department. The candidates are suggested to get the application form in five to ten rupees only and do not pay extra money to get the form.

Where to Go for Affidavit 

To get the affidavit you don’t need to go far for it. From where you are getting the application form (outside of collector’s office) they are also having the affidavit. You can approach the stamp papers salesperson for making the affidavit so that you can attach it with the application form to get the caste certificate in UP Ghaziabad.

The person sitting there will charge you with Rs. 80 for this process and will provide you affidavit with the complete application form. On the affidavit, there is the provision of the notary stamp and authorized person sign.

Where to Go for Submitting caste certificate Application Ghaziabad

To submit the application form visit to the nearest Jan Suvidha Kendra (citizens facilitation center / CFC) at the Collectorate complex along with the application form, affidavit, identification proof with photo, and the copy of ration card. If the server is working perfectly and it is not down due to the busy software schedule it will take 30 to 45 minutes to upload and submit the all documents online.

In this duration in the departmental person will also take your photo through computerized mode in the citizen’s facilitation center. The person sitting in the office counter will take Rs. 25 as the fees for issuance of caste certificate and after that will provide you acknowledgment slip in favor of that. The complete duration of making the certificate will take from 8 to 10 days and after visiting in office through using the slip you can collect it. For collecting your document you don’t need to go to any other place.

Caste certificate Verification Process of Tehsil

The tehsil office will ask for the report regarding documents that you had submitted to get the caste certificate in Ghaziabad with the application form. The complete verification process takes less than 25 days. The tehsildar will sign on your certificate and from eight to ten days you will be able to collect it. The Certificate does not continue in case of report evidence is not right and correct. In a situation where you will get the certificate, you will be exposed to the objection raised.

Appeal for Status of Caste certificate Application 

If you didn’t have the caste certificate in fixed duration by the state government of Uttar Pradesh then appeal provision has been also made for citizens. The first appeal officer had made by the government to the sub-district magistrate (SDM). The SDM will have to dispose of the appeal with 30 days. In case you are not satisfied with the decision of SDM then you also can go to the district magistrate (DM) with your second appeal.

Important Notes before Going to Apply 

See the below given important points before going to submit your request in the tehsil office to get any kind of certificate in the Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad district. You are suggested to follow all the rules and regulations under the constitution:

[email protected]! Applicants will have to attach their all documents in attested copy through any of the central / state government gazetted officers.

[email protected]! The applicants are also suggested to carry some extra copies of their documents in case of loss or damage the first copy.

[email protected]! Also, carry the original copies of your all certificates and papers for the verification process.

[email protected]! There is no any website has been made by the revenue department or the Ghaziabad authority to make the online certificate so beware from fake websites.

[email protected]! You also have to pay some small amount as the process fees which is payable in the office counter only.

[email protected]! Do not pay any kind of charge to another person apart from the authority and also avoid the broker/agents work for the process.

[email protected]! Fill the complete application form with true and correct information the authorized person found any mistake in the request form it can be rejected by him / her.

[email protected]! Only e-District and BOR UP (board of revenue department Uttar Pradesh) official websites provide the online verification (Praman Parta satyapan) facility.

[email protected]! The person is having a native place in Ghaziabad is only able to apply for any kind of certificate through the authority. Any other state’s citizens are not able to get it.

[email protected]! The citizens of UP are only able to get any kind of certificate once in lifetime, so the candidates are suggested to use their certificate very carefully and keep it safe.

[email protected]! Once any person had lost or his / her certificate is damaged then have to follow the process of the duplicate certificate which can take a lot of time.

[email protected]! Use the only photocopy of the original certificate and do not submit the main copy of it anywhere such as at the time of applying for any recruitment, to get admission in the college, or to obtain any govt / non-govt social welfare schemes, etc.

[email protected]! Candidates are also suggested to visit in office by themself and do not send any other person with your documents to make the caste certificate in Ghaziabad. The department is not responsible for any type of loss, stolen, or mistake in the proof.

If you need more help visit the official website of the e-district in page or visit the board of the revenue department (BOR UP) in page. You also can visit the official website of to get the address and location of the Ghaziabad Collector office. The applicants are also able to get help through the phone line of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam department in 1800 180 3012 OR 0120 2791518 / 2791418 numbers.