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Apna Khata Bihar

In the race of technology, the govt of Bihar also developing its departments and offices with new salutations and software. In this step, the “Department of Revenue and Land Reforms Government of Bihar (राजस्व एवं भूमि सुधार विभाग बिहार)” had uploaded a website which is known as The website has installed with the new methods and updates by the NIC India Govt Ministry of Information Technology and NIC Bihar with the help of the Revenue Dept. Everyone knows that when we visit our tehsil what all we have to face at their especially in the Bihar state the govt department’s offices are not well maintained and clean as well. The education rate is also so down so most of the peoples are farmers in state and when the visit to their tehsil they will have to pay the officering price by their patwari and other officers. So here is the solution to get you apna khata (अपना खाता) and Bihar Land Records.

How to Get Apna Khata ROR Bihar Land Records

अपना खाता, आर.ओ.आर एवं बिहार भुलेख केसे प्राप्त करें: Citizens need to visit to the page of LRC.BIH.NIC.IN where they will have to select the option of “Apna Khata (अपना खाता) after that they will get the page of ROR Now see the below-given process step by step process to get the information about your ROR Apna Khata Bihar Land Records.

Please Note “The Bihar Land Records and ROR / Apna Khata Details is now available for Districts and Anchals.
कृपया ध्यान दें – बिहार भूमि रिकार्ड सभी और अंचलों के लिए उपलब्ध हैं।

Step One:
For example, you are from Madubani and want to get your property and land information through the online portal LRC then go to the ROR page where you will get a map of Bihar State. Now click on the map of Madhubani district.

Step Two:
Now on the page of ROR after clicking on the map you will get your tehsil list suppose you want the ROR or Apna Khata information for Rajnagar Tehsil (Anchal अपने अंचलं को चुने) then click on it.

Step Three:
Now you are on the page to View Apna Khata (अपना खाता देखे) after selecting all the section you will get upside on the page District Name, Anumandal (अनुमंडल) and Tehsil (अंचल). In this page, you have to select your Mauja name (मौजा का नाम चुने).

Step Four:
You can also select other options to get your ROR or apna khata Bihar Land Records and there are five options are available on this section:

  • With Khata Name (मौजा के खातों से)
  • With Khasara Number (खेसरा संख्या से)
  • With Khata Number (खाता संख्या से)
  • With Khasra number (खाता संख्या से)
  • With Khata Number (खाताधारी के नाम से)

After that click to the option of Search Khata after that, you will get the full list of ROR by the selecting mode which you had chose on the upside.

Step Five:
In the list find your name and click the option of “View (देखें) you can also get the printout of your ROR (Rights of Records अधिकार अभिलेख) in your Apna Khata Bihar Land Records you will get the details with:

  • Khata Number (खाता नंबर)
  • Reyat Number (रैयत का नाम)
  • Khasara Number (खेसरा नंबर)
  • Khet Chodahi (खेत चौहदी)
  • Type of Land (किस्म जमीन)
  • Rakwa (रकवा)
  • Mutation (दखल)
  • Assessment (लगान)

After checking all the details you also can take the printout of the page and can use it in future. Here I had provided you all the information to check and get your ROR / Fard / Apna Khata / Bihar Land Records.

Contact Information of Bihar Revenue Department

For more information, you can contact to the staff persons through the below-given contact details.
=> Head Office Address –
Principal Secretary (प्रधान सचिव),
Revenue and Land Reform Dept. (राजस्व एवं भूमि सुधार विभाग),
Old Secretariat, (पुराना सचिवालय),
Bailey Road, (बेली रोड),
Patna (पटना) – 8000015

=> Phone Numbers –

  • मंत्री, आर एंड एलआर (0612) -2217355,
  • प्रमुख सचिव, आर एंड एलआर (0612) -2215259
  • सचिव, आर एंड एलआर (0612) -2217108,
  • विशेष सचिव, आर एंड एलआर (0612) -2546532,

=> E-Mail ID –

Feed Back –

Important Notice:

@ => Must note that the copy you will get of ROR from the official Bihar Land Records doesn’t use anywhere as legal documents. This is just the information paper to give you details about your property.

@ => All the information on the page is given by the as per the official website and after taking advice from the experts. We are not able to give you printout of your property ROR but you can help you more by other Threads as well.

@ => The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms Government of Bihar (राजस्व एवं भूमि सुधार विभाग बिहार) is only available for some selected districts. The NIC team is working on it and you can get other Land Records online very soon. forum4India team had talked with the NIC Bihar Team Person who had informed us that they are going to give the final touch of their work soon. So I will suggest you to keep coming on our page.

@ => The Map is available in Digital mode on website of which you can see by the clear view.

@ => Govt of Bihar will provide you soon more data right now the Anchal work and survey is on progress on these days.

NOTE: Here I had gave you the way how to get Bihar Land Records / Apna Khata / Fard / ROR details but if you want to know more then click comment Option and ask your question.