How much money are we willing to spend for betting on a few casino games? While we play casino games for fun, we’ve got to bet a bit of money before playing. Some will bet the absolute smallest, while others will get loads of cash. Those that bet a lot of money on casino games are called high rollers.

There are many casino games we can play, but what are the most popular casino games for high rollers? Let’s discuss what a high roller is and what these players prefer playing the most.

What Is a High Roller?

When playing a casino game, we all have to bet at least a little money to play. Some of us may bet the smallest, while others will bet more. Then, there are those who will bet loads of money. We call those high rollers, but what are they exactly?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a high roller is a person spending or gambling a lot of money. High rollers are also known as cheetahs or whales. Casinos may give high rollers some ‘comps’ via private jets, free stays at lavish hotels, and loads of money on credit.

How much do we have to spend before we’re considered high rollers? That depends on the casino we’re playing at. Crown Casino in Australia considers 50,000 AUD to 75,000 AUD as a high roller. Why would anyone bet that much money to play some fun casino games?

Some high rollers bet loads of money on the promise that they’ll win even more. Others are professional gamblers who know how to use profitable strategies. Some are even successful business people, so the high amount they’re betting won’t matter much to them.

The Most Popular Casino Games for High Rollers

Now that we’ve discussed the most popular online casino games for us, it’s time to learn what the high rollers prefer playing. While the games are like what we play, their favourite games are more inclined to their spending styles. So, here are the most popular casino games for high rollers.


Roulette’s popularity in the United States exploded in the 1950s, but people have been playing this game since at least the 1830s. The roulette wheel is synonymous with casinos. So, why do high rollers enjoy this game so much?

For starters, there are many versions of roulette, including American roulette and European roulette. Evolution Gaming has even created a version called Salon Privé Roulette for high rollers.

Salon Privé Roulette has a decent RTP because it’s a single-zero roulette variant. With amazing graphics, the game shows the dealer, the wheel, and the betting table. High rollers can place their bets at the bottom of the screen, which is a nicely designed grid.

This game lets players customize every aspect of the game, from visuals and sounds to the game’s pace and dynamic. We recommend playing roulette, even in this version.


Blackjack is the world’s most popular table game. While we may not know the exact time the game was invented, we know it’s been played by many for several decades.

There are many versions of blackjack high rollers that can be played, from European blackjack to Single-Deck blackjack. However, one version we’d like to discuss is Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Fortune VIP.

This game has high-quality graphics and brilliant playing conditions. High rollers can also enjoy the game’s design and the discrete menu at the top, which lets them change the audio and video quality. Players can also view their playing histories and learn more about blackjack basic strategy tips.

Much like every other high-roller casino game, Blackjack Fortune VIP has a high betting limit. However, high rollers find high betting limits part of the fun.


Baccarat is James Bond’s favourite casino game, and it’s nice to see many others enjoying it as well, especially high rollers.

While films have glamorised blackjack and poker, many high rollers still choose to stick with baccarat. In 2014, VIP baccarat was 60% of the gaming revenue, while 30% was regular baccarat.

Speaking of a VIP baccarat experience, Evolution Gaming’s recent development Salon Privé Baccarat is a high-stakes baccarat game geared towards VIP players.

To play this game, players must have a certain amount in their bank accounts before sitting at a table. Stakes will range from €1,000 to €10,000 per hand (sometimes even more). Tables are private and limited to one player.


High rollers spend loads of money on their favourite casino games. The games that are most popular with them are roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.