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Banglarbhumi West Bengal Online Land Records:  The West Bengal state government is made online software to track all kinds of property details online through using it in their official portal The website has been made by the NIC team under the ID department in our state. If you buy any property in WB state then it needs to register with the concerned authority so that you may be entitled to legal ownership. This will help in creating and maintaining the official latest official land records and in addition, it reduces fraud along with helping to solve the disputes easily of land. Under the computerized system, it is now so easy for registration of land and property. This also helps to make all the system transparent along with the pricing and there no required to any middlemen. The state owner will require to submit an application in concerned authority i.e. SDM (sub-district magistrate), regional registrar. The application forms may download online or either can be obtained from the office of the concerned authority. After the verification process of details, the deed is done and the registration process is completed.

About West Bengal Land Record

Land as an asset plays an important role in rural and urban areas. Therefore, it is imperative that the landlord may have such land records which are real and which could not be manipulated in any way. In India since time immemorial rulers Lagaan recovery, military purposes, to determine political boundaries, etc to resolve disputes have been taking records ground reconnaissance. With the aging population and expensive pieces of land were small and Panchayat, the consolidation Department, Survey Department, the Revenue and Registration Department, etc. the agencies came into existence. So that in the changing scenario it was been quite difficult to prepare and take care of land records. It is a growing demand for access to updated and accurate land records scored. Computers arrive in the country in the 80s it has solved the problem. In the revenue department ministers meeting in 1985 after the permission with each state government, two schemes strengthening revenue administration, and updating land records (SRA and ULR) and the computerization of land records (CLR) were initiated.

Same as all over India in the West Bengal state the IT department works hard and provided a platform where the citizens can get the information of their property online with the owner’s name and with using other information about the land. In this fast running time, everyone wants to save their time and wants the services close to their door. With the help of this service officer persons and farmers can check their block / mouza and village wise complete map and land records online. Here you can see that what all steps have to take for the online map and details of land in West Bengal and Bangalore through using the official portal

Banglarbhumi Online Land Records in West Bengal

The official website has given the online options to check the land record through visiting on their home page portal The Land and Land reforms department under the state govt revenue has also given the facility to download the Bengali font if you want to see all the details with this language and if your computer is not able to show the fonts.

Step 1 –
First, go to the portal and select the option of KNOW YOUR PROPERTY which will send you on a new page. Click to the below-given page and visit on the official portal where you are able to make all the process and see the other below given steps.

khatian and plot information banglarbhumi
khatian and plot information banglarbhumi

Step 2 –
This page will send you on another section of link where the options has given to select your MOUZA IDENTIFICATIONDISTRICT NAME, BLOCK NAME and in last select the MOUZA. As on the below-given page, you need to select all from the given pull-down menu.

Banglarbhumi Mouza Identification
Banglarbhumi Mouza Identification

Step 3 –
After selecting all the details there are two options has given SEARCH BY USING KHATIAN and the second option is SEARCH BY USING PLOT DETAILS. After selecting the option by khatian you have to enter the number of it or if you want to search by the Plot Number then enter the no. to get the complete details.

Search by Khatian plot
Search by Khatian plot

Important Note –
After all the process you can get the details for your property in Bengal. There are also some districts that are not available in the list. When you will search the detail on the list the green option will indicate that the details of that area are available. In case your plot number is 111111/11 then only use the numbers of before the “/” option. In last if the message appears with no records found then maybe the data uploading work is under process for that area or there is something wrong information has entered by you.

How to get Land Map / Bhu-Naksha in WB​

!A!= There is also option has given to download the map online for which you need to go on As the below-given image where you have to select your district name and the page will provide you a map of that area.

!B!= The page will provide you a new section as you have selected the DAKSHIN DINAJPUR then you can get the new page as the below-given page and you need to select your block name code-wise to check the map / mouza details as the mention below image. Then it will redirect you to the village section where you need to enter the number of your village and then in last need to select your map sheet number as on the below page.

Important Note –
Through this process, you can download the mouza and map details of your area. Which I had selected above for that the map is not available it means I had entered wrong details either the map uploading work is still going by land and land reforms department under the revenue of the state. This map is only given to get ideas only for your property this is not on the perfect scale or you can not use this as the official documents in any place / legal work. Apart from this there are various other services has given for citizens as the DLRS, SLUB and to know about the Thika Tenancy along with the land acquisition details for govt and private.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

✓ What are RS and LR?

Under the Land Revenue Department LR stand for Land Reforms and RS means Revisional Settlement of 1962. these teams use in various ways under ROR. 1) LR का अर्थ है भूमि सुधार,  RS का अर्थ है  पुनरीक्षणीय निपटान 1962

✓ How can I know my Mouza in West Bengal?

Please find stepwise information above in the article, to find Mouza online.

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