How to Get Apna Khata Rajasthan Details

Apna Khata Rajasthan Details: In the busy life schedule everyone wants that he will get everything fast and through the easy mode and especially in government works no one wants to stand in queue and don’t want to wait for their number. Peoples of India are now well educated these days and using the fastest technology along with the world. One side the Indian Govt is also trying to improve their facility in various departments. The govt is placing new technologies on their offices to save the time of citizens and to stop the over laziness of government employees. In this step, the biggest under the Indian Information Technology Department which is known as NIC is providing every detail state by state and village by village. Behalf on the previous year if you have any work on your tehsil like you want to get your fard, jamabandi, nakal or naksha, etc. then you have to stand and had to spend your whole day to make the rounds and rounds of your tehsil. Most of the farmers who don’t know about the notary and tehsil works they got so much of trouble to get their papers of land records. Sometimes they also pay large amounts to tehsildar or patwari without any information.

About Apna Khata Rajasthan 

But now citizens have don’t need to worry about any kind of details about the revenue department. The NIC has built one of the biggest online network solution through the help of Rajaswa Vibhag of Rajasthan State. The revenue dept of Rajasthan and NIC unit of Jaipur made the online website to get all the information regarding your Rajasthan Online Land records. Now you just need the internet and a computer to get your Naksha, Nakal, Khata Khatoni, etc of Rajasthan state. All the facilities are available online through the under govt official website Most of the citizens know this online facility from the name of “Rajasthan Apna Khata” which means your own documents.

Under the section of Records of Rights and Right of Information, the judicial dept of India has decided to provide all kinds of land record info online without paying off any charge and without waiting for your turn. Here I am telling you the processes that how can you get your Rajasthan ROR Nakal or Naksha details via using the webpage. See the below-given point by point information that how to get Rajasthan Online Jamabandi.

How to Get Rajasthan Apna Khata Nakal (ROR) and Jamabandi –

There are two options are available in the process to get online land records:

First Process – You can use the number of your property registry paper and get a nakal printout of your land records.

  • Khata Sankhya (Khata Number)
  • Khasara Sankhya (Khasara Number)

Second Process – If you don’t have your Khata number then you can also get your nakal if you know some details about your property for which you want to get Jamabandi.

  • Name of Property Owner
  • Land Owner Father’s Name
  • Name of Tehsil
  • Village Name of Owner
  • And Bank Branch Name

How to Get Jamabandi Nakal with Khasra or Khata Number 

To get your Rajasthan Online Land Records through the Khata and Khasra Number first you may have t visit to the page of the official site by the Rajaswa Vibhag Apna Khata Rajasthan after that you need to take some steps on the page as per the following points:

$ – After entering on page click to the “Apna Khata” option

$ – After that select your district, tehsil and the name of the village

$ – If you know the khata number or Khasara number then enter the digits and get a printout of your nakal

How to Get Rajasthan Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal with Name

To get with the name you just have to follow as per the above instructions like need to enter on the official page and then select your district after that your tehsil but now if you don’t know about your khata number or Khasara number then enter the details of the owner on the page and click to submit button. After that download your jamabandi and get the printout.

=> The Apnakhata Rajasthan official page is also providing a virtual keyboard o Hindi language if you don’t know Hindi typing.
=> Jamabandi is available for previous and current running as well.

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